How many times have YOU BEEN told this answer to the questions how are things going?  Times could be better, sales could be better, we could use more customers.   

Has the answer to this question changed because it is 2009, 2010 or beyond? Has there been a time when any CEO, CFO, director, department head, sales person been satisfied with their sales numbers, profits, etc…?  Isn’t  it always about raising the bar?

So now, why is it different?

My last blog talked about thriving not surviving.  Ask yourself these questions. Ask your peers and colleagues within your organization. Ask your clients what they think about your services and goods.  If you are afraid to ask ,then you probably know that there needs to be a change so you can continue  to thrive and grow  your business.

Look at your business model.

  •  Positive values hold subsidence and are transparent
  •  Staffing stability
  •  Customer perception
  •  Employee perception

Are these values (integrity, service, clear communication, etc) incorporated in how you position your products and services?

Are these values transparent in your marketing, and company policies?

Do clients have a wow experience with your service and/or goods?

 This is part of an infrastructure. How do you build and grow a company if you are building on quicksand?  

 Wharton’s research has some great information to enable you to make a change and to look at your organization today. Some of the research states that people engagement (connection), exceptional excellence (industry knowledge and relevance), brand experience (consistency product quality, experience, always on), expediting solutions and enhancing problem recovery gives clients a wow experience.

Think about taking a fresh look at customer satisfaction. Balancing AND FOCUSING what is important to your company with values as defined by the customer will help separate the thriving businesses from those that continue to muddle along as they always have.

Companies that have great solid and transparent business models can always grow their business. Check out the technology companies and their profits during 2009. 

Find the differential and the value proposition for your product or service coupled with that authentic experience and build that into a great business model.  Communicating your brand consistently to both your internal and external customers. Next time, someone says how is business you can say, “Our CUSTOMERS are pleased with how we do our business and we are THRIVING.”

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