This question has been posed again and again. Just recently on the linked group of Healthcare Executives Network. It continues to affects every market segment. My experience in the industry has revealed that the culture of the environment that you are working in at the time will affect how you take care of the customer. Upper management and the company/organization will need to support a sales and caring culture. We have to been focused on the solution for the patient, customer, and client.

I was at the NRA show (national restaurant association) last week. It was interesting to note that after visiting with many vendors they still say,” Would you like to taste the product or can I show you this equipment?”

Do you sell your widgets or do you engage with your client? What are their challenges? Do you try to find their pain and help them find a solution?

I have always asked, “What do you need?” I have put myself in their shoes and throughout my career as a salesperson, manager, and sales and marketing consultant I continue to ask the questions. What are you doing at this time? What is going on in your industry? What new challenges are you and your organization experiencing?  I want to understand what my client needs and why now they are reaching out for new services and/or goods.

Consider what your clients needs and wants. How? 

Invest the time and interest.

  1.  Be aware of industry trends
  2.  Participate in webinars relative to that industry
  3.  Do the research and search Google for information
  4.  Follow relevant leaders and clients on different social media sites
  6.  Why are you considering this product, or service?
  7. Offer your expertise as it sustain differentiation and creates value
  8. Give them the benefits to them-make it relevant, how it will help, enhance, change, etc.
  9. Sell to the strengths of the service/product –be in a proactive mode
  10. Be honest, it strengthens credibility

In this day and beyond to be successful you need to be a problem solver and not just a salesperson.  

Reading the linked group discussion question and walking the show of NRA was a good reminder that we need to say, “How can I help you?” Don’t sell your widgets but sell your solutions. What do you do when your products and services are competing solely on price?”  As well as, “What steps do you need to take to differentiate yourself and your business?” Tom Snyder, of the consulting firm XLNT Associates, and author of the book, “Escaping the Price-Driven Sale: How World Class Sellers Create Extraordinary Profits.” advises on positioning your products and services so that your customers would perceive their value and move to purchase.

“Professional sellers deliver insight, vendors sell stuff,” stated Snyder.  

Are you a professional?



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