This weekend as I was reflecting about the United States and what sets it apart from other countries in the world.  I started to think  about a session that I attended while out the Association for Healthcare Foodservice annual conference. I walked into a session  by Kevin Friedberg  about Blowing the Doors Off Business-as-Usual! ,  and it started to reinforce my thinking and philosophy. What makes us unforgettable as people, our business, our products?   I know my differential is my Diamond Approach to helping organizations/audiences learn, innovate and evolve. I have been told that I have an amazing ability to listen and customize approaches to clients’ initiatives and challenges.

You have to be willing to step out side of the box.  Have a differentials that steps you or your food, services, etc apart from the others. Do you sell a commodity?  How can you change that today.Crank up the volume.

Leaders who choose services over self-interest make the difference? Do you ask your customers how can I meet your needs? Or are you too busy selling what you have, your widgets?  Kevin Friedberg revealed a lot of aha moments for the members of the audience as well as reinforced that it is okay to give world-class/5 star service within your boundaries. It starts from the inside and out.  Find a way to service your customers over your self/company interest. It will yield volumes!

Some ways to start:

  • Ask the questions,
  • Give value added information to your customers via social media, websites, videos, services,
  • Be in the moment and focus on what is going on
  • Look around and see the operation/business for what is could be(have the rose colored glasses on for these moments)
  • Understand industry and consumer trends-eg. healthcare with harm, sustainable goods, healthy food in healthcare pledge
  • Use reliable internet sites as a resource to give you valuable information: e.g. www.alluserv.com (visit the resources and interactive areas),www.vstech.com ( interactive tools, trends),

 (I just love the photo below-two wonderful things)



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