What is the name of your food facilities? What do they represent? Do you brand your healthcare? Do you brand the retail aspects of healthcare? Foodservice, gift shops, newsstands, kiosks.  I was a coffee roaster last week and had a ‘aha’ moment. In this roasting house they customized the coffee with the logo and organization’s name. Coloring, logo, tagline.

It’s the simple things to look at to enhance the brand of foodservice. Do people know you only as the hospital cafeteria or the hospital cafe? Does the C level executive only refer to you as mashed potatoes and meatloaf department? Have you elevated the image by changing the verbiage and nomenclature of the site? The coloring, the design, layout, new fabrication of the counters, and  updated signage.

  • What if you could put your logo/name of your ability on your sugar packets?
  • Put your focus or taglines-like high five service at the Diamond hospital cafe?
  • What if your coffee or tea packets had the same logo on it?
  • How about single service dry drink mixes?
  • What about cups?

You would definitely set your department apart, elevate the image?  Make your customers think of your products or services more and position the image according to what first class service, quality and satisfaction should be at every healthcare facility..

Share what helps your foodservice image for patients? for retail? Remember the simple ideas can put you in front of your customers daily.

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