I have been reading and following social media for a while in terms of branding, marketing and enhancing an organization’s credibility to their customers and prospects.

This past week I decided to do some social media research and evaluate some aspects of what is out there in the internet world. Checking out companies, individuals and their twitter sites, blogs, YouTube, hoot suite, word press blogs, website blogs, etc… Researching, evaluating and reading social media.  I have come to realize that to offer information that is valuable and value added is only when companies or organizations stick to what they know and can translate it to their markets, industries and audiences.   It seems there is so much information out on the internet –almost to information overload. This coupled with companies and individuals being told that you need to tweets several times a day, blogs several times a week, get information continually out there. Where’s there??? This being told so that you are connected. Is it about frequency or about value? Too much vague, invaluable information or reflective information, new thinking, ideas with less frequent consistency.  Which do you think your clients, followers, colleagues want to follow or read?

I have been following one company’s social media blog and not only do I get blogs everyday but 4 blogs per day.  I though I hit the jackpot but instead it has become an influx of email. Sifting through their 4 blogs per day to get valuable information has been a daunting task.  It made be realize that good information that is valuable that comes on a consistent basis is better.  I have decided to unfollow as the value of this resource is overdone by its frequency and filler blogs (that just doesn’t have value but words). Be wary of these blog sites that just blog your email.  Find sites that offer value to your and your organization.

Are your tweets and blogs…

  • communicating what you know and your expertise
  • offering ideas or stimulating an idea
  • related to your audience
  • elevating your clients, prospects
  • Valued added
  • related to your brand,  to your service or goods
  • consistent in frequency- Not too frequent if it has no value
  • creating experiences

IF NOT, think again what are you really trying to do? People will unfollow you if you don’t make a difference to them. Too many try to get followers or put frequent information that isn’t value added or too vague.  There is so much information on the internet that you your blogs, tweets, videos to be elevated the audience you are appealing to at the moment.  Reevaluate you soical media aspects on the purpose and make sure your strategy reflects the outcomesthat you expect to achieve..

I read and follow many organizations and companies social media platforms that offer their expertise as it relates to the markets or my interests. I follow to learn, and engage with what is relevant to me and my businesses.

As an organization or business your focus should be helping clients better manage or help elevate their business performance. Information to me should be designed to challenge  wisdom or reinforce some strategy otherwise why follow week after week.

Why do you follow certain tweets? Read Certain blogs? Let me know  if my blogs/tweets make sense to my followers? Resonate with you?

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