Fundamentally, marketing must refocus away from selling product and toward creating relationships. Customers do not like to be ‘owned’ if that implies lack of choice or freedom. But they do like to be ‘owned’ if what that means is a vendor taking ongoing responsibility for the success of their joint ventures.  Ownership in this sense means an abiding commitment and a strong sense of mutuality in the development of the marketplace. When customers encounter this kind of ownership, they tend to become fanatically loyal to their supplier, which in turns builds a stable economic base for profitability and growth.”

      1. What resources are you making available to your customers?

      2. How can you assist them in their goals toward their executive plan?

      3. How can they benefits from working with me?

      4. Do you take the time so they meet you and what you have to offer in terms of solutions?

      5. Customers want to have suppliers celebrate with them their successes

      6. Are you passion about your business?  

Brian Ward, Chief Editor, FER magazine wrote , Are dealers selling what operators want? Do operators understand what they’re buying with their purchase price? Do dealers and operators understand each others’ goals. Suppliers, and dealers need to offer solutions and better understand the markets they are servicing.

I am very passionate about foodservice and it is evident in my blogs, business model, and knowledge. Can you say the same for your business? Does it show in your success? Are you real?

Create a collaborative environment to grab the most mileage the best and most differential way.

Help customers track results and take the initiative within their operations.

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