Have you reached your sales quotas? Have you increased revenue over last year? Are you able to elevate your image? Starting this year rethink your marketing position.

1-Be open to change as it is a constant as is your competition’s resistance to it is probable. Check out what they are doing. Many have not changed their approach for a while. That is not broken so why change approach does not sustain itself over the long run. Be different and off a value add to your consumer.

2- Think BIG because BIG ideas have more potential but can be trimmed, small ones do not lend themselves to growth.

3- Think WILD and Outside -the-Box otherwise you will never get a BIG idea. Look at alternate sales venue, outreach and types of offerings (mini products, different appearance, and sustainable approach)

4 – Don’t talk about it … do it. Take a chance. Give yourself the ability to grow.

Looking at the product or services you sell and state do you offer a value add to my end user, does my customer feel that they have a positive experience, is my customer engaged with what I am offering to talk about it through social media, with their colleagues, peers, and are my touch points reaching my potential consumer; Connect with customers on an emotional level, establish appropriate and engaging customer touch points. Link digit and non-digital media strategy.

The decision to pay money for a product or service is often based on more than just the product or service itself. Consumers care deeply about the overall experience of the buying process: They respond to the marketing message, marketing approaches (print, internet, and social media) the advertising, the sales approach, the website, the interaction with company personnel, and more. When all these elements come together to form a seamless experience, the customer is left with a feeling of satisfaction that ultimately builds loyalty. This ideal combination the “customer experience,”

Dare to think WILD and Outside the box-Your customers are ready

Are you?


  1. Good Morning Marsha –

    I am the managing partner of a Food Service Equipment Manufacturing Rep Firm and a fellow RD. After reading ALL of the articles you have on your website I would appreciate knowing more about how our firm might benefit from developing a relationship with you and the services you offer.

    My contact info is below – my mobile number is 215-527-4820
    I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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