What do today’s most dynamic companies have in common? Player like Apple and Google has found ways to create customer value by focusing on integration of products and services to solve customers’ hassles.

The hassle map of healthcare foodservice -rifle with duplication, inconvenience, poor access to appropriate information is ripe for a change. Should we not look at companies like Apple and Google to see how they are simplifying?

A recent online survey asked customers if they would pay more for services that were seamless and had a single source of care coordination. About 80% stated yes they would pay more for making it easier. Would you?

The rewards that could await companies that solve these problems are their ability to compete on value and convenience will allow shorten sales cycles and more consumers that are educated.

The vendor’s monopoly on information has been broken as consumers make use of online tools and sites to generate their own communication about features, benefits, quality and brand. Consumers will increasing rely on each other for information and advice. Viral marketing, social networks, blogging and online webinar/learning will afford more educated customers/.

Do you offer these type of services to your end users? Does your website allow the ease to get relevant information? How easy is your website to map out? Content should be transparent and resonate with your audience. Does it? Is it time for a reevaluation of your marketing strategy?

Ideas to consider when playing to win in healthcare:

· Understand consumer needs

· Build brand familiarity and trust

· Establish a transparent strategy-be clear on your benefits, value of your products,

· Product innovation and differential

· Customer centric focused marketing-materials, website, and social media

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