• Quality
  • Reputation
  • Good Results
  • Great Employees
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • Consistency in service, goods and/or products
  • Responsiveness
  • Innovativeness
  • Trust


Customer-focused innovation has to be more than just an idea; we –– need to take action and remove barriers to enhancing the health care experience. It begins and ends with the end-user – it tells us what they need, what they want, and how we deliver.
When we begin to drive toward making things simpler, more consistent, and more
effective for the people we serve – as they would judge it – that is when our
innovations will begin to make a positive difference in the delivery of care.

Set your customers’ expectations: Need to understand how other internal employees
and external partners influence the customer experience, and what that customer
experience really feels like for customers today. Why? Communications or
marketing displays of every shape and size set your customers’ expectations.

Customer research

Customer experience research can help boost loyalty and drive desired behaviors by helping your organization answer these questions:
1. Once we win a customer, how does the experience we deliver match up to what
our customers expect from us? Where do gaps exist, and how big are they?

2. Are we under-investing in areas that are important to our customers? Alternatively,
overly investing in areas that do not matter? How can we reallocate our
resources to be more effective?

3. Where can we focus customer experience efforts to boost loyalty with our
most profitable customers? Which “dials” can we turn to boost loyalty with our
best customers? The job of measuring and improving customer touch points is
getting at this critical information from the “outside in.” What do your
customers think? And why? As a result, companies can acquire more accurate and
more actionable data, seeing where and how insights into customer opinion,
experience, wants and needs can be leveraged to boost loyalty, improve overall
marketing, sales and service effectiveness and strengthen brand.

After all, in a world where nearly 90% of customers will walk out your door (whether virtual or physical) after a single poor experience, the cost of focusing
research efforts on satisfaction alone may well be your survival.  Make it a differential positive experience-whether it is the food, service, sales experience, or process.

Do your customers/patients feel like a commodity? Everything the same. Is it just another day for your organization and the employees who carry out the services or
produce products?  Make the difference. Start today to impact your customers, employees.



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