I have been the  keynote speaker at several associations, sales meetings. and hospitals retreats the last few months.  I have spoken to the audiences on “What’s in it for me?”. It appears that by changing what you do for yourself, peers and colleagues reflects the entire organization.  Balancing what’s important to your company with value as defined by the customer will help separate the thriving businesses from those that continue to muddle along as they always have.”

A few ideas to implement to get started:

  • Reenergize yourself and win at what you do. (find time to do what you like, give yourself off from technology one day a week or at least a bulk of time)
  • Make a difference in how you conduct your business.
  • image
  • Make a difference in how people perceive you in business and your organization.
  • Realign your thinking, strategies and change yourself and your organization to be more responsive and to make a positive difference.
  • No matter how big or small your organization is, the reality is you should be hearing or reading your peers, clients and colleagues messages. Are you? Change your organization’s culture to be more responsive and make your work experience that one that you want to participate in everyday.
  • Recognize your peers, and colleagues publicly and even yourself everyday. (as simple as giving yourself a moment to reflect)

People are born in this world as assets, not liabilities. In the end, we are the product of expectation. Expect a lot, and you create amazing people” -unknown

Service is the lifeblood of any organization. Everything flows from it and is nourished by it. Customer service is not a department – it is an attitude.” Unknown

In every life, we have some trouble, but when you worry, you make it double. Don’t worry. Be happy.” Bobby McFerrin (1950 –) American music artist.10-time Grammy Award winner

Everyone has the ability to do great things, but attitude will determine how well you do it. Make today a great day!” Marsha Diamond, Business Development Advisor, Inspirational Speaker.

I think we shouldn’t forget the passion in our business. Passion=Great Customer Service.  Share with me what makes you passionate about your business? Life?


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