Buying has changed forever. At one time, you could not find that many sources to get information, you primarily had to go to a store, have a sales rep call, or have a rep come to you to get information about a product or service. About 13 years ago, it all started to change, when the internet had started to become mainstream. Voila: Information Abundance.

Buyers do not want to engage as often with sales reps unless they are bringing value. They want more value added content and guidance. Give them three options. Show them that you are the expert.  Only about 25% qualified buyers go to a website or Google looking for information. New marketing strategies should be added depending on your customer focus and  have relevant content too: face book, twitter, YouTube, blogs, LinkedIn, webinars, newsletter, weekly updates, etc… This can and will  to  increase lead generation.

If done right your return on investment (ROI) as per industry researc,h could give as much as 50%more leads. The new revenue cycle starts with faster awareness.

Use your brain, be creative, engage in conversations and it will not tax your budget.

Seed nurturing is about building relationships with qualified prospects before you have their contact information. The object is to use this social strategy to make these prospects converted to customers.

Always remember that your social media campaigns should drive traffic back to your website! If this is not happening, consider restructuring. Think about how you can use ALL online efforts to generate traffic to your website.

You should be asking these questions and making changes to reflect the best customer engagement

· Is your website just a placeholder for your company?

· Is it interactive?

· Does it resonate with the consumer you are selling to?

· Is it kept relevant and timely?

Passionately helping clients engage customers,


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