Any individual or team can become more creative—better able to generate the breakthroughs that stimulate growth and performance. In fact, my experience with hundreds of corporate and organizational teams, ranging from experienced C-level executives to entry-level customer service reps, suggests that companies can use relatively simple techniques to boost the creative output of employees at any level.

The key is to focus on perception, which is linked to creativity in the human brain. To perceive things differently, we must bombard our brains with things it has never encountered. Know your team members and channel them with out of the box trainings, humorous moments, cross training opportunities, different ways to execute their tasks and walking meetings.

These kinds of novelties are vital because the brain has evolved for efficiency and routinely takes perceptual shortcuts to save energy; perceiving information in the usual way requires little of it. Only by forcing our brains to recategorize information and move beyond our habitual thinking patterns can we begin to imagine truly novel alternatives. It also helps us to get less atrophy of the brain and can stimulate intelligence, loosen our mind and keep senior moments away (always a plus).

For 10 more ideas, check out this blog too

How do you spark creativity?  Declutter your brain or the brain of others?



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