“Social media selling has risks, but sitting on the sidelines is the greatest risk of all. And the way to venture in wisely is becoming clear.”

How do people rate social media? They rate according to their comfort and what they find valuable and/or enjoyable to view or read. I was a habitual clipper of news articles and sharing via email or mail (in the olden days) and now via twitter or LinkedIn.

Research, evalution and reading social media tweets, blogs of organizations and companies. I have relayed valuable ideas and information. When people stick to what they do know and use social media it has a value.

Why are you talking about generalities or vagueness if you are supposed to be the expert? Be valuable to your customers, engage your followers, and meet new people every day.

In a recent blog, I discussed how to get started with Twitter. Since that time, some questions have arisen. Vocabulary answers:

Twitter engaging with similar social-minded beings

Twitter chats are conversation with grouping of people using a hashtag (#).Benefits: networking, learning, giving advice, finding work.

Twitter chats are s great way for individuals to advise on a particle new items, updates on products or solutions.  There are more than 600 twitter dates available. Businesses can  sponsor, be the expert or contributor for Q&A, and influence topics/news. If you set up one, decide why you want to have one, what is your potential outcome?

Tweetchat-website that handles twitter chats.

QR code-quick response codes that connect you via data, url, content and more via a smart phone

 Snap tags-Thinking of using QR codes for business? Imagine you had something that worked like a QR Code, or a 2D mobile barcode, but gave you so much more. Instead of using an indecipherable Rorschach blot, it used your logo. And instead of just taking people to a link, these designer QR codes opened up whole new lines of interactive communication. Ones that you could track, use and reuse to build relationships.

Consumers with either a standard or smart camera phone get instant access to offers, content, promotions and information by snapping and sending a picture of the SnapTag to a designated short code. Or by scanning the SnapTag using a SnapTag Reader App.Think of SnapTags as a custom QR code alternative that turn your logo into a widely adaptable interactive tool.

Mobile devices-start thinking about mobile apps for your company’s website, blogs, ability to do business with your customers, etc…

QR codes or snap tags are a way to get you back to a website, interactive poll or more. Engagement is the key.

PinInterest: excellent marketing tool and easy to use.  Think visual, build a community, build a brand, and click on visuals to be connected to your website, blog or products.  Fastest growing social site.

Snap tags, Twitter, QR code, next social media platform…. Changing times but now is not the time to retreat to the walled garden and disengage from learning and new ideas.

Are you ready to play? If not, which social media do you find the most challenging?


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