Taking social media to the next step:

Social Media may help solve a problem, reveal an innovation, connect to your product/service, elevate or enhance your brand or just make a difference.

Increasing engagement with multimedia. Press releases, new release, PDF documents, photos, etc..need to be combined for maximized positive synergies. Enable a better outreach to more diversified audiences: culturally, generational and gender. A picture is worth a thousand words.Right message +right audience=right content.People need to identify with your information

How by adding photo releases, flex release with photo, video and PDF documents to multimedia news releases. Adding photos, video , audio and PDF documents that are visual move up your message and your SEO to  engagement platforms to engage their customers.

Complement blogs with pin interest visuals


Text and photo,

Text photo video builds,

Pictures tell a story=

Did you know?

Social Sharing goes up 3x as much

Adding multimedia to your message increases engagement by up to 77% over text along.  Sources: Pr newswire Web Analytics.

So why aren’t you taking your social media campaign to the next level?

Here are some links to give your inspiration:

Buzz feed Instagram:Picture worth a thousand word. 49 mill users. 1600% growth between 4.2011 to 4.2012, tumblr- design worth seeing and sharing, content that is entertaining,  Viddy, and Pinterest provides more referral traffic to other site. 16 min per visit.

Did you know that Facebook and Pinterest are the new wedding planners. They are using social every step of the way, turning to sites such as Facebook and Pinterest to plan their wedding, share ideas and get recommendations from other brides-to-be.What an opportunity for your customers, peers and more. I see  opportunities for catering halls, wedding cake bakeries and more.

What opportunities await you?


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