spark-creativity_mykl-roventineEvery problem is an opportunity to  solution.

If you are overwhelmed, stressed out, time is running out for projects, commitments-stop and take a deep breath.

Think of knowledge as fuel, imagination is your starter and your attitude is your spark  plugs

If you need knowledge starting googling, ask listservs, participate in webinars, engage in conversations via social media and more.  You be surprised once you get started you will be engaged.

If you need imagination-take a walk outside your office, go to a different place for lunch and observe,  disconnect to connect from your phone, computer, and yes every technology you have for at least a few hours if not a day, be more mindful.  A while ago I went on retreat and locked by ipad and phone in the safe so I didn’t look at it until the last day.  It allowed me to recharge, re-engage, observe my surroundings.  When I was recently out of the country had no choice but to disconnect from most technology.  I believe to connect you need to disconnect otherwise your batteries, your spark plugs just becomes negative and have no real energy.

If you need a great attitude you need to choose it. I wasn’t recently in a diner, yes  a diner and ask the waiter how he was doing, “ I am living the dream, one table at a time”.  wow! Can you say that about your job, your life?

Remember people, places, objects and ideas can  enhance your creative thinking

Frame questions and reframe to get different answers.

Think of a bee they don’t stay in one spot they cross border, cross-pollination, Observation of other disciplines can give you an idea they may work in your area.Combine ideas in unexpected way

Networking and bring your challenges to  informal and formal connections.  The more diverse the better the connection of ideas. Mindfulness really increases our attention and takes us beyond distraction. Distraction keeps us from being productive, and I think it leads us to not look deeply at situations, to stay at the superficial level. Mindfulness will help us stay focused on what really matters and help us make better decisions for the future.Why Mindfulness and Meditation Are Good for Business. click here to learn more.minfullness images

People ask me how I come up with ideas. I watch the world around me, ask the questions, and realize that ideas can be cross-pollination.  Once you start doing some of these things you watch how much it  unlocks your creative minds.  Some would say I am out of the box thinker.

It doesn’t matter what type of industry you are in and what area: Foodservice, healthcare, schools, universities, etc.. Sales. new product development, service, marketing, etc.. Try some of these .

Would love to hear ideas on how you find your solutions?


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