Today’s customers want a roasted chicken, perhaps, with a crisp, golden skin and fall-off-the-bone juicy meat with virtually no shrinkage. Alternatively, pan after pan of “Healthy-Fry” French fries, deep fat crispy—without the deep fat. Or rethermalized cook/chill meals that come out with their original freshness restored. Or a complete meal as needed cooked to perfection. The perfectly prepared tasty food you present to your customer.

The economics of food: cooking for today’s customers. Economics means different things to different consumers-energy saving, labor saving, food, portion size, waste, raw food costs, and pricing.

To have a more effective operation that pleases your customers’ palates and pays attention to the economics consider:

  • Using cuts of meat that can be tenderized through marinating, lower slower cooking
  •  Using smaller portions as that is the trend
  •  Try ingredients that offer healthy benefits
  •  Be aware of your customers likes, dislikes
  •  Aware of regional foods availability
  •  Try to incorporate a few new food types, preparations, seasoning into your menus quarterly.
  • Start by putting on as a daily or weekly special and judge the popularity
  • Read about trends, new food products available
  •  Food tastings, and demo of equipment are important criteria in choose a piece of cooking equipment
  •  Ecosmart equipment, energy saving, efficiencies
  • Equipment with technology and eco smart components Technology of equipment helps you control costs with water, utilities, hoods, etc…
  • Technology as a part of your planning software, cloud platforms
  • Versatility of equipment, do you want to purchase equipment for one use?
  • For many food service directors, operations , and chefs it’s about getting more with less

Food and equipment come to market because of a need or want.

1. Think back to the microwave, the Crockpot, pressure cooker. Think today, blast chiller, combi ovens. Versatility and efficiency have made combi ovens the workhorses of today’s kitchens.

2. Think today: locally source produce, children’s menus revamped, gluten free products, non-wheat noodles, ethnic inspired breakfast items, miniature or single-serving desserts Southeast Asian flavors Better-for-you items (yogurts), superfruits, hypoallergenic food and more.

This will move you toward a healthy economical operation.

Can you name a food, equipment or technology product have come to market because of a need or want? ??Picture1

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