It started a few months ago when I replied to an email and applied for a photo shoot which asked for seasoned(certain age)women who needed a change in their outer appearance. I replied that I was looking for a fresh look of myself through a fashion/color experts’ eyes.
I applied and then the back and forth emails with photos enabled be to receive the yes which results in last Friday June 28 photo shoot for a woman’s magazine that will be published in the Fall.

What a day. 7 woman were selected out of many. Aha moments

  • If you want different results in business or yourself step outside of your comfort zone, out of your box
    Doing something different results in change
    Approach change in a happier way
    Change is an opportunity
    Take a risk what is the worst that could happen
    Don’t doubt your decision just move forward.
    Life is a journey not a destination.
    You will not always take or should take the quickest route to living your moments
    Have fun everyday

Lessons learnt in our personal life can translate to your profession life.. Everything you do is an experience.

How do you approach change? Do you embrace it, are you tentative?

Are you freeing yourself to enjoy your personal freedom, growth?

Be aware of the moments.



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