J.Walter Thompson Company (JWT) releases a major study on the key upcoming trends influencing the business of marketing this year. On this year’s list is a trend, which has great implications for the healthcare industry: the correlation between health and happiness and the scientific findings, which support this relationship,

Happiness improves the function of key biological process

Positive mental health with longevity

Happiness and mental health improve in direct correlation with consumption of healthy food

62% feeling healthy is an important part of being happy

90% agree that happiness can have a positive impact on health

The connection between health and happiness is a natural one for hospital branding itself. Positive solutions with messaging.

All hospitals departments should be encouraged to include in their marketing initiatives social media and in house visuals that are outwardly posted (videos, posters, pictures) to help accomplish positive branding and marketing of their hospital culture and mission.

Only hospitals that want to increasing sales opportunities, patient satisfaction scores and be an Advocacy for wellness and healing.

Given the current pressures on marketing healthcare organizations there is a need to improving alignment with these ideas. Be healthy together. Brand strategy. New products, service and care culture that helps facilitate a healthier and happier life. According to Rob Rosenberg of Springboard Brand and Creative Strategy Hospital Branding Blog, “as you evaluate your brand strategy, consider ways you can motivate consumers to accomplish their health and happiness goals. Look for new products and services that help facilitate a healthier and happier lifestyle rather than just providing a “solution” to their medical problems. This upcoming trend is a great one for hospital brands to get behind. The more consumers see your hospital brand at the “corner of healthy and happy,” the more loyalty to it they will have and the more they will sing your tune”.

What are you doing to move forward your hospital’s image? Remember perception becomes reality.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a new year filled with health, happiness, and spectacular success!



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