buildinhIf you build it, people will come.Reinventing or strengthening your brand continues to be important. If someone would ask what your company, organization or facility stood for, ” what could you say”?

The usual mission statement, what you want someone to hear or a solution focused answer that resonate with your customers.

visual brand

Brands need to be able to enhance memorable experiences. Touch points including clear communication tactics(ie social media,print , value add e communications), visuals, +details need to add up to this experience. Sales and loyalty w/follow.

It never ceases to amazes me that its all about the experience. Yes someone needs to have a true authentic customer experience to buy once and then to buy again.

Impressions are made by jingles, visuals logos, people attitudes, product acceptance, perceptions , and so one. But can you say it is a consistently great experience, that makes a customer want to come back again in again.

Attitude of service, management, paying attention to details-small wares, bathrooms, ambiance, facilities, attitude, employees engaging = experience.mysteryimagesCAW5HVRX





Do you use mystery shoppers to check your services and/ or products ?

Do you work with your teams when they are the field? Pay attention, offer solutions to them as well to elevate experiences.

When was the last time you did a check up to see if you experiences were falling down?

Are they buildable, scalable, or relatable to your customers?

As you evaluate your brands or services look for new products and service that can continue to re engage these type of customers

Key to unlocking your products’ or services’ real potential is to enable your customer to focus on their great experience.

Happy consumers will be more loyal and they will come.



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