Are you shaking your head no , I don’t have  shallow customer relationships, of course I know my customers. The difference between a great successful rep or service person is the experience.

I’m not talking only about your clients’ operations,market segments and challenges. If you are a great salesperson you know to ask the right questions, do the research, participate in conferences, and have the right sales and marketing consultant:). And based on that research come up with products, solutions and , services that work for that customer. If you are in the service industry, you SHOULD get a rhythm for your customers, understand likes dislikes, and never make assumptions.

What I’m referring to is DO you know your clients, customers? I hear so many time from a rep or manager,waiter, hair dresser, etc… Or I really know my customers, “I know so and so he has 2 children, a wife, and he lives in xxx. That’s not knowing your client, that’s knowing about your client, anyone with the internet can google that info.

To sustain loyalty and client satisfaction you need KNOW YOUR clients.
When I’m In a frequently visited restaurants the waiters know my preferences, THEY KNOW they know my sides of choices and that i like a lot of napkins, HE ASKED THE QUESTIONS. I have been going there 10 years. Take the time. And it works both ways let your customers know a Little about you. It builds credibility, trust, loyalty. makes a working relationship.
Do you know the people who sell or service you?

The strength of that working relationship makes a loyal sustainable relationship that makes you want to buy or come back again to patronize that restaurant, cafe etc…

Remember It’s when service is lacking that a customer really notices whats missing in that experience. So to strengthen that sales experience You have to communication to know likes and dislikes and take the time to understand this customer.

If you have a shallow relationship with your customers You may still get the sale a few times but will you sustain the sales relationship?

I can’t tell you how many times it makes a different. Ask questions, listen, don’t presume you really know this person unless you take the time to know them. This goes for bosses, and employees too. That is what will make a great experience or gets more sales or keeps employees connected. You will also have more passion and be happy about your work. It will be deeper overall.

Thoughts!? Who would you rather buy from?


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