Purpose of yelp is to connect people with great local businesses. Crowd-source reviews. Feeling of community. Millenniums don’t walk into a restaurant without checking the reviews on their mobile device. Over 55% of all generations use mobile devices for decisions making for purchases.

Yelp isn’t only about restaurants, there are reviews on prisons, hospitals, senior living facilities, service businesses and more.

Venues for sampling, tours, exposure to the product or service can be made into a foodservice event. Check how yelp does it.

Wouldn’t it be valuable to have yelp for foodservice, equipment, food, service Foodservice consists of businesses that supply to restaurants, non commercial foodservice, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living, college, universities, hotels, catering, etc..
People are using google, and the other internet search engines for information on products all the time,plus asking colleagues and peers for opinions to validate their decisions.

Why not have this as a central location within the internet for foodservice?

Every Star in a yelp review leads to a 5-9% Jump in revenues.A study by Michael Luca, a professor at Harvard Business School, found that there was a correlation between a high Yelp ranking and revenues. Luca just looked at the restaurant industry in Seattle, but his findings were a ringing endorsement for Yelp. Among other things, it found there were far more Yelp restaurant reviews than there were from Zagat or The Seattle Times.

Yelp could be great for marketing, market share, branding and broaden your product or service positive exposure
If you have a great product or service why wouldn’t you want it found out?



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