Big data can be your home run for increased success. You should be paying attention to many of the moving parts 

  • In Store data:Collection info for foodservice venue, customer focused, pos data
  • In kitchen software data:foh, boh , monitoring temperature, wifi, ovens, acoustics sensors, lighting sensors, production equipment
  • Above store data:Surveys, marketing
  • Individual data:Demographics, near store data, yelp, social media, health inspections , regional weather 

All data is streaming in but the fastest data and most volatile is social media. Yelp can have 5-9% affect on your sales. 

Thinking points. This data can tell you whats trending, how can you improve your business, appropriate visuals of your products, services , and what is the halo effect affecting positive experiences 

With all the variety of data which do you pay attention too? Can you trust it? What is the value ? Its about finding the data and its relationship to your venue or organization 

Taking big data and benchmarket against competitors, using it for quality improvement, what proactive or reactive actions to be taken, opportunities to be realized 

  • E.g. increased sales eg post on social media your favorite meal and get a beverage,  
  • E.g. checking weather, relate an opportunity and experience for for your foodservice, relevancy 

What is your objective for using data? Sales, loyalty, better branding, elevated meal experience, improve the overall image of hospital food, and more 

How will you do this? Manual, spreadsheets, or??? Need to capture data and real time analytics to make changes needed asap. Who takes ownership ? Everyone in your venue. IT , marketing, front line staff and operators need to sharing info they gather to affect change. Coordination works best between the various groups that will benefit  versus those that need to implement, operate and support them

Enterprise integrated foodservice solutions work best as it allows an aggregate of information and benchmarking dashboards. Cloud providers such as amazon.com and google cloud platform can ingrate pos, boh, foh foodservice ,etc..

 Getting started to build your data platform ask your IT departments and IT business partners. Its a win win when you integrate information for your organizations brand (even if you are just a cog on the wheel)

Big data can be the final notch in giving positive personalized customer experiences!





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