People want better flavors, want their palate pleasing tastes, pop flavors, and interesting experiences but you need a familiar. That is why worldwide this product constantly shows up, “pizza”.

I have traveled  and it never ceases to amaze me and sometimes disenchant me that pizza is on the menu.

But pizza is the familiar. Pizza crosses over all cultural, generational, and ethnic diversities. It’s what is done to the pizza;the added seasonings, toppings, thin or thick, varieties of cheeses, infusion of seasoning and fruits, vegetables, seeds, or nut products into dough recipes, and the cooking style that now is starting to amaze and delight my palate more than ever.The utilzation of the appropiate speed cooking solutions for the finished product you want to achieve with the fire element stimulates the senses to give a positive food experience.

Using a familiar product and enhancing it to make it the differential or to fill a niche or to make it a wow can escalate that product profile and sales. 

Tell me your food familiar experience. Send me your pizza pictures as you know a picture is worth a thousand words.



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