Does anyone remember 3 TV channels for baby boomers and older? abc, cbs, nbc

Does anyone remember the three basic vegetables growing up for baby boomers and older? Carrots, broccoli, potatoes

Does anyone remember the basic seasoning growing up for the baby boomers and older? Salt and pepper maybe oregano

Now we have …. unlimited potential for food, seasoning, local, forage, Nordic, ethnic, global flavors, ethnic spices, spirits and more.

With the advent of the internet, better communications and technology we learn more and expect more. People rely on perspectives, and answers to their questions.

So what does this mean to the foodservice industry? Whether you are an operator, director, or manufacturer you need to ask the questions who’s my audience, do I engage them with the right products/services and am I exceeding their expectations. If not someone else will take those sales, and opportunities. Need help to get started think foodservice forums, internet, think tanks, and related industries

Today more than ever you should revisit your options and make sure you are appealing to your customers or clients today and in the future. 3 channels doesn’t make it anymore!



2 thoughts on “BEYOND THE BASICS

  1. Clean simple post. Yes we have a multitude of choices, but sometimes it might behoove people (manufacturers) to get back to basics, focus on three things and get them 110% right than 20 things 75% right.

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