Transparency and clarity.  I had heard people say. “This company is responsive and gives great customer service”. My interpretation is the customer felt satisfied with the answers and timing of follow up.  However, nothing about the service or product.  So, does that mean great customer service with a mediocre product will win loyal buyers?  Or the other way around, for example a famous phone company has a great phone but the service is questionable in timing, waits and follow up. It’s almost like a maze when you finally get there no cheese or prize:)ha.

The bigger the cost of the purchase or service the bigger the expectations.

However, it all starts with research? How do we research today?  Google searches, social media channels, company websites, peers, TripAdvisor, yelp rating, comparison websites, professionals, blogs, etc.

It starts with what we want? For example, google best sleeping mattress, then you get paid ads, then blogs, then comparisons and reviews. So much information and what is considered really valuable.  How do you find out about a company, how do you find about their services, about their products, about the follow up, using social media has given the consumer an edge and a weapon?

The consumer hopefully looks for something or someone they trust/credible sources to get the answers.  However, as we all know unless it’s a scientific based study or a credible white paper resource we got lots of opinions and beliefs.

What could a manufacturer or a service provider be doing to market and sell in today’s world?

  1. Have great customer service or customer experience officers-  Invest in your people and in their understanding of your products/services. Education and transparency is key. Get testimonials out there, SEO relevant words/terms.
  2. Extended warranties- If you believe in what you sell this speaks volume to consumers.  Make sure somewhere in your social media you give the value for this type of ROI. Restaurants give people food on the house because their food didn’t exceed expectations of their restaurant. So, it’s not only equipment but food and service. (type of guarantee)
  3. Whenever possible science based information or measurements that can be backed up about your equipment, food, or service.
  4. Differentials –  don’t be a commodity product/service/food. Today’s generations mindset is about higher expectations and experiences, and options
  5. Simulate your clients reviewing on your website, google it as if you were a client, give people a reason to engage with you (interactive social media), clear product information.
  6. Engage in social media: content relevancy, current events and cross over information to being a problem solver. For example, if it’s a mattress topper gives reviews, give links talk about setting up a good bedroom atmosphere, setting up how to get good sleep and wraparound that makes sense to you product/service. Add to that sales promotions, education, tweet chats and engage your customers so they come back to you for the answers.

Here’s to your foodservice success,



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