Did you know that?

Centennials-ages 0-9

Millennials – ages 20-37

The making of a generational mindset. Pivotal events during this age span reflects expectations of these cohorts.

Did you know that these are influencers of their purchases?

1. Value. Higher expectations is the standard in foodservice

2. Accessibility. Ease of to find food, restaurants, reviews, etc.

3. Betterment.  Looking for food and ideals wrapped around being mindful, holistic, wellness. Renewed focus in nutrition

4. Technology. It needs to be mobile, an app or smartphone/tablet integrated.

5. Convenience.   Easy simple to obtain. Bundling of value, options, food choice.

eg. zume pizza,  Amazon prime pantry

6. Experiences. Enrich daily life with pressures of modern living. They are interested in the customer experiences about the purchasing, the story about the company and products. Communal dining, entertainment. “Statement Food”-taste good, photo and Instagram worthy too.

Also remember options outside of box, have transparent communication and content in social media platforms, and if you are challenged ask and they may help you find solutions (they love to part of the story).





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