2 steps

What is a reasonable amount of time for a company or person to get back to you about a challenge? Is it within the hour, within the day,within the week,within the month? The lowest denomination is the winning amount.

An important part of service and customers’ perception of the business is based on how they do service recovery and power their people. As we have seen in the news lately, poor service and service recovery can put you back 10 steps in the eyes of the customer. It will take a long time to dig yourself out then doing the right thing on a consistent basis upfront.

Employee Empowerment should be included in your policy for services and service recovery. Make your employees’ owners not renters. They will feel accountable and morale will go up.

Other pointers to consider are consistency is paramont in your follow up, get out the positive testimonials, engage with social media and be transparent with all communication.

Move your needle forward to a positive customer experience.


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