Does it ever pay to argue with a customer? I have been doing sales and sales training for 30 plus years and the answer is no. There is always a way to diffuse a situation, offer up a solution to solve an issue or come to an agreement that’s amiable to the customer and fair to the vendor. Find the common ground and negotiate value.

Really listen to what the customer is saying to you. Don’t let your emotions or your pride step in the way. Listen!!! There is a problem with communication strategies today as you can’t just text or, email. Many internal and external sales personnel and customer service people feel if they send email then it’s checked off their list. It needs to be addressed, as a frustrated customer isn’t going away. Make the time to do a live conversation whether it’s via Skype, FaceTime or in person.

If you resolve issues with a fair resolution that can equal loyalty plus referrals plus repeat business.

Don’t be penny wise and dollar foolish. Don’t attack, Diffuse. Pay attention if you want to be business in the long run.

Never say these lines:

  • we can’t do that as we never did that before
  • it’s not our company’s policy
  • you knew what you bought
  • It’s not our fault, it’s someone else’s (shipping, dealers, rep, broker, etc.)
  • it’s not our fault the order got cancelled or delayed

I always say what would you want someone to do if it was you in that situation. What do you do for your customers? What will they remember about you?




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