Have you ever been in your customers’ shoes? Have you worked in that part of the market? Have you dealt with their challenges  on every day basis?

Most sales people know the industry they’re working in but many have never walked a mile in their shoes. Sales is not about only selling your products or services, it’s about understanding the market, shadowing the staff and/or manager of the facility and attending industry meetings and trade show conferences where you tend to get a sense of the industry .

I believe that sales is about a relationship not only with the people but with the entire industry. I have passionately stressed education for young and yes, even seasoned sales people to understand trends and what’s happening in similar aligned industries. To be successful you have to be coached and trained, and put in the work to become a real business partner with whom you’re selling too.  I know it has made me a better foodservice consultant, credible to my peers, colleagues and clients.



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