I had the pleasure to have a conversation with Executive Chef Aatul Jain, MSML, CDM CFPP, Culinary and Nutrition Services, Saint Peters’ University Hospital

With over 2 decades of multinational culinary and foodservice experience, Chef Aatul is currently at the helm of the stoves at St. Peter’s Health System in central New Jersey. An alumnus of the CIA, a Certified Dietary Manager, he holds a MS in Management and Leadership. His experience includes fine catering, Michelin star restaurants, volume food service production in B&I and Healthcare. Aatul revels in globally inspired ingredients and melding flavors and cooking styles across cultures and ethnicities. He lives with the mantra: dream and you shall see it, ask and you shall receive.

We explored the differential and potential in menus. Can a spice and herb bar be the differential in your menu?

Today’s conversation included (click on link mp4 file)

  • Chef Aatul cooking demo
  • Ideas to incorporate the Mediterranean flavoring into your menus
  • Ideas on how to utilize spices and herbs to elevate the customer experience
  • Strategy to enlarge your menu offering without enlarging your menu

Further resource on the cooking demo, How many types of paella are there? Mediterranean cuisine. #Variations are good and adaptable. #flavors #food #foodservice

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