People want better flavors, want their palate pleasing tastes, pop flavors, and interesting experiences but you need a familiar. That is why worldwide this product constantly shows up, "pizza". I have traveled  and it never ceases to amaze me and sometimes disenchant me that pizza is on the menu. But pizza is the familiar. Pizza … Continue reading CREATIVITY AND THE FAMILIAR-FOOD 2016


   Food and beverage product recalls, withdrawals and safety alerts, oh my! 2016 buzz word for ingredients, recipes, cooking production, and supply chain is transparency. Many want to know what's in their food.  Transparency, as used in science, engineering, business, the humanities and in other social contexts, implies openness, communication, and accountability. Transparency is operating … Continue reading  TRANSPARENCY


 Big data can be your home run for increased success. You should be paying attention to many of the moving parts  In Store data:Collection info for foodservice venue, customer focused, pos data In kitchen software data:foh, boh , monitoring temperature, wifi, ovens, acoustics sensors, lighting sensors, production equipment Above store data:Surveys, marketing Individual data:Demographics, near … Continue reading  WHAT IS YOUR SMOKING GUN?