Have you ever been in your customers’ shoes? Have you worked in that part of the market? Have you dealt with their challenges  on every day basis? Most sales people know the industry they’re working in but many have never walked a mile in their shoes. Sales is not about only selling your products or services, … Continue reading ROLE REVERSAL


Driving you crazy to build your brand! Here are some of my tips to use as a checklist to align yourself with driving your brand (organization, business or personal brand). But, before you can be successful on digital media platforms you need to: know your brand? What does your brand stand for? Who are your … Continue reading THREE RS OF MARKETING


Does it ever pay to argue with a customer? I have been doing sales and sales training for 30 plus years and the answer is no. There is always a way to diffuse a situation, offer up a solution to solve an issue or come to an agreement that’s amiable to the customer and fair … Continue reading TODAY’S CUSTOMERS