How do you define healthy to you? For your foodservice?

Tips for you to help your customer.
Give Choices- number and variety
Small changes in recipes
Tracking popularity mix of items
Offer More offerings. Customized experiences
Portion sizes smaller.
Food Presentation. We eat with our eyes
Vending machines. Put less healthy items in lower positioning but still give choice
Customization. Give people a choice, offer options. Rg beef hamburgers, quinoina burger, hummus burger, chicken burger
Help make Incremental changes via education, choice.
Customization. Give people a choice, offer options. Rg beef hamburgers, quinoina burger, hummus burger, chicken burger

Fresh is the new healthy.Fresh and healthy

No such thing as unhealthy foods. I read an article and the author ordered a salad. Colleagues ate with him asked, are you eating healthy today? No he said I’m eating hungry today. Hunger dictates choices.

Don’t get overly excited about healthy options
Milk, oj all good does that make it healthy for you?

Make great tasting foods without trying to fool people
Unhealthy eating habits, not unhealthy food

Maintain a healthy body weight,Moderation eat less do more.Less is more is my mantra.

Manufacturers should work to help you make safe delicious inexpensive food.Minimize food processing of added salt will help the chefs to add their layering seasoning without all the extra salt. Collaboration starts at the manufacturing level and continues to the chef.

Food eaten in moderation is good for your mind and body






Different approaches to leadership and employee productivity are emerging. Target, General Mills, Google, and Green Mountain Coffee have attributed improved company and employee performance, in part, to mindfulness practices in their companies. Messages around mindfulness, being in the moment, cultural integration, cultural of kindness, mindfulness at business have continued to gain momentum.

What is applied mindfulness? Principles to improve decision making, work space design, and personal or team effectiveness. Mindfulness is choosing how to respond not react to people/situation. It is about learning to connect to yourself and improve your way your react to people and situations.

These mindfulness practices may include, but are not limited to, meditation, energy healing, yoga, Tai Chi, or other methods. Mindfulness practice is about supporting overall health and well being, improved creativity, better communication tactics and lower stress levels. It doesn’t stop you feeling emotions, it allows you to deal with them more dispassionately. I believe mindfulness help us to stay focused on what really matters and help us to make better decisions . Your business’s productivity grows when employees increase focus, improve decision-making, unlock creativity, more engaged, more energized, focused and improve teamwork skills — all qualities enhanced by mindfulness.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you always multitasking, have constant
distractions, and over-dependence on technology?

2. Are you on autopilot with work, driving, life?

3. Having challenges with internal and external communication? customers, patients, families, your employees, administration?

4. Are you accepting, understanding and compassionate towards others?

5. Can you adapt to rapid market, boardroom level and customer changes?

6. Do you let fear take over ? If it does anxiety will too.

If yes to the above questions consider Mindfulness strategies. Here are some tips to help you approach those challenges in the office and at home.

1. Try a three-minute breathing space. Start with one time and work you way up in time/duration

2. Your mind will wander off – that’s fine, that’s what minds do. When that happens, gently bring your thoughts back to whatever it is you’re doing and congratulate yourself for noticing your mind has wandered

3. Whatever comes up, just notice it, explore it, turn towards it and gently let go, without judgment, but with curiosity and compassion.

4. Take breaks-pauses during your workday

5. Walking mediations, meeting breathes

6. Email mediations

7. Have compassion, kindness for yourself first

8. Gratitude toward yourself and others

9. Respond, don’t react. Taking a moment to reflect will allow you to rid your mind of clutter and distractions while letting you consider a less critical, more flexible approach to whatever situation must be addressed.

10. Bring focus to a situation. The people around you may become caught up in the chaos of an emergency, but mindfulness will help you bring a sense of focus to a problem that might otherwise be lost in the craziness.

11. Pick an activity that you do most days or every day, such as eating breakfast or travelling to work. Choose something you have to do anyway, but set the intention to be mindful when doing this activity.

12. Bringing your attention to the present moment – not dwelling in the past or planning for the future. Instead, being open to and curious about what emerges.

Start with yourself and incorporate into your departments’ daily strategies. What could happen? Happy , healthy, and productive employees and you!




go where no man

DO YOU STILL FEEL LIKE THIS? You are a character in star trek and the music starts…go where no man (or women in your company) has gone before. Yes, it is digital, social media, twitter, and more. Put on your shield and step into this world of today’s visual marketing.  YOU CAN DO IT!

Social media has developed into a visual medium transforming word of mouth marketing into the sharing of graphics rather than words. It evolved from telling, to briefing, to showing – moving from blogs to microblogging such as twitter, and now to images requiring no words at all.


Good visual content achieves an emotional response and higher engagement through actions such as likes and shares. The storytelling can be your emotional currency. Emotional currency takes a consumer product brand like Goya and builds a multi-platform campaign that elevates the importance of family, sharing and authenticity. (Great article to read.

A 2012 report by ROI Research reveals 44% of respondents were more likely to engage with brands who posted pictures on their social media channels rather than any other type of content.  Instagram reports 16B photos shared averaging 55M photos per day and 1.2 B daily likes. break through the clutter to reach their audience. Pinterest is exploding; infographics are content visuals and more. (to find easy ways to build your own- It is like show and tell again.

The rapid growth of social marketing has allowed brands to act as publishers; creating supporting content, that supports the mindset and daily interests of their consumers. Pinterest in particular creates fun opportunities for brands to create collectable, visually compelling content that resonates with consumers throughout their busy days. Brands of all sizes will learn how to find, engage, and inspire audiences through compelling campaigns and content.

Start with strategies, tactics, and tools to build a strong, visual brand: evoke a sense of influence and connectivity around your products/service through the use of beautiful visuals. I.e. Travel with Jetsetter or Virgin airlines.

Include the power of images to generate leads and grow your business. Engage and Inspire Your Community with Visual Storytelling: i.e. How Brings Family History to Life. uses visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to connect with our community to inspire them to tell their own story in new and fun ways.

Develop Visual Powerpoints or video presentations that Curate, Captivate, Resonate: Engaging The Right Audience Visually
Visual content can drive communication and branding. Engagement with Likeable. Sharable icons, comments, follow tell you that you are on the right path. .Creating content that is relevant to your audience, interesting to a broader audience and provokes an emotional response is key to visual marketing today.

Benefits: Customer feedback and engagement, comparison-shopping, more informed about what they want, your products/service getting known quicker.

Is a picture still worth a thousand words? Does it translate to followers? Buyers?