Does it ever pay to argue with a customer? I have been doing sales and sales training for 30 plus years and the answer is no. There is always a way to diffuse a situation, offer up a solution to solve an issue or come to an agreement that’s amiable to the customer and fair … Continue reading TODAY’S CUSTOMERS


How do you define healthy to you? For your foodservice? Tips for you to help your customer. Give Choices- number and variety Small changes in recipes Tracking popularity mix of items Offer More offerings. Customized experiences Portion sizes smaller. Food Presentation. We eat with our eyes Vending machines. Put less healthy items in lower positioning … Continue reading UNHEALTHY FOODSERVICE? NOURISH YOUR FOODSERVICE!


Different approaches to leadership and employee productivity are emerging. Target, General Mills, Google, and Green Mountain Coffee have attributed improved company and employee performance, in part, to mindfulness practices in their companies. Messages around mindfulness, being in the moment, cultural integration, cultural of kindness, mindfulness at business have continued to gain momentum. What is applied … Continue reading MIND FULL OR MINDFUL