When it comes to eating, selecting and producing of food always remember the seasonality of food is reflected of time and place its grown.

When we talk about local what does it mean? Does it mean the food comes from a certain region, certain radius from where it’s been served or produced, or it’s in the general area of a country (e.g. Nordic).

What about taste? Ingredient taste is related to place, environment, soil and weather too.

Do you consider this in your selection of products?

All of these help you develop and experiment to produce products, menu items that will delight yourself and your consumers.

Today many of us are explorers of the edible planet whether it’s through media, television, internet, in person and/or food conferences/shows. We are learning and relearning new products types, taste, production, and presentation. We learn about fusion and layering of flavors. We learn about options we never ever had. We learn more cultures, ethnic cuisine, and flavors

Food becomes who you are and how you feel whether you are the producer or the consumer.

Food initiatives, ideas, people; make up that perfect storm for the foodservice industry. You continue moving forward and will calm down to a normal roar. There’s growth in everything if you seek it out. there is opportunity to learn, to grow, to be expanded upon. There is real and rich opportunity in every storm, perfect or otherwise.





How do you define healthy to you? For your foodservice?

Tips for you to help your customer.
Give Choices- number and variety
Small changes in recipes
Tracking popularity mix of items
Offer More offerings. Customized experiences
Portion sizes smaller.
Food Presentation. We eat with our eyes
Vending machines. Put less healthy items in lower positioning but still give choice
Customization. Give people a choice, offer options. Rg beef hamburgers, quinoina burger, hummus burger, chicken burger
Help make Incremental changes via education, choice.
Customization. Give people a choice, offer options. Rg beef hamburgers, quinoina burger, hummus burger, chicken burger

Fresh is the new healthy.Fresh and healthy

No such thing as unhealthy foods. I read an article and the author ordered a salad. Colleagues ate with him asked, are you eating healthy today? No he said I’m eating hungry today. Hunger dictates choices.

Don’t get overly excited about healthy options
Milk, oj all good does that make it healthy for you?

Make great tasting foods without trying to fool people
Unhealthy eating habits, not unhealthy food

Maintain a healthy body weight,Moderation eat less do more.Less is more is my mantra.

Manufacturers should work to help you make safe delicious inexpensive food.Minimize food processing of added salt will help the chefs to add their layering seasoning without all the extra salt. Collaboration starts at the manufacturing level and continues to the chef.

Food eaten in moderation is good for your mind and body





Are you heading in the right direction FOR 2014?directions

These items will continue to gain momentum thus incorporate them into recipes, menus,marketing and align your food offering with your customers’ tastes and needs.

1. Tea infused in food recipes

2. Middle Eastern mediterrean,

3. Lemon in entree, apps, desserts, side dishes
se asia
4. Nut based milks

5. Year of the yolk-eggs

6. Retro foods-iceberg salads,

7. Flavors of farm to table

8. Crunch/texture appeal

9. Green Vegetables-kale, mustard greens,

10. Ethnic food offering

11. Tacos are back! Fish tacos rule!!! These are healthy items made with lower cost. Fish varieties coupled with lettuce, cabbage, and assorted vegetables and sauces.

12. Grilled cheese has gone upscale—Gourmet breads and cheeses like white cheddar & chutney, zucchini, fontina and pickles. Great opportunity to refresh the old standard, drive new sales.

13. Burger buns—white is out, wheat, grains, and niche breads are in-Turkish, Focaccia, Flat Breads, Ethnic

14. Prescriptive eating is growing—meal and menu choices to augment the weight, cholesterol, blood pressure and fat targets. Help your guests make these decisions easy.

15. Punch up your recipes:

 Healthy dining-halo effect

 Add spice not sugar, salt

 Be playful

 Merge flavoring

 Focus on positive additions

 Small plates

 Tasty

 Value priced

 Instead of marketing foods as ‘low–‐sodium’ or ‘baked,’

 Promote the flavor profile.

 Have nutritional highlights available in fine print or verbally.”“

 Market strengths, not weaknesses.”

Be aware of the wants and needs of your customer to set yourself up for success. If not sure, have tastings, culinary demonstrations to engage your customers, and interactive cooking workshops. It works and opens conversations as well as future loyalty(and revenue).