For most people, an initial impression when entering a room will form the basis of their entire experience. When walking into a hotel, the lobby sets the tone. One out of every five guests (re: boutique and lodging surveys) say that their decision of coming back to the same hotel is influenced by the opportunity … Continue reading LOBBIES TAKE CENTER STAGE


What do you do to maintain loyalty in your customer base?  Most service, product and equipment providers make the sale, keep in touch few months post sale with the customer and then the waiting begins for both customer and sales person. How about a loyalty program?  Reminder programs to keep your customer base engaged with … Continue reading CUSTOMER LOYALTY


mind issues for consumers Are fired up peppers better than sautéed? Is fried brussels sprouts better than not eating sprouts at all? Is stevia equal to sugar in benefits? Is organic food better for you than conventionally produced food? Is fresh produce better than frozen? Are organic grapes better tasting than conventionally grown grapes? Pesticides residues: Are … Continue reading MIND ISSUES FOR CONSUMERS