Foodservice conversations with Marsha Diamond, MD, RDN, Diamond Approach joined by Dan Henroid, MS, RD, Director, Nutrition & Food Services, Sustainability Officer, UCSF Health Come along with Marsha and Dan to explore health and wellness as an integrated part of how consumers live their lives. Learn how Dan and his team open retail opportunities for brands … Continue reading FOODSERVICE CONVERSATIONS- #2


I had the pleasure to have a conversation with Executive Chef Aatul Jain, MSML, CDM CFPP, Culinary and Nutrition Services, Saint Peters' University Hospital With over 2 decades of multinational culinary and foodservice experience, Chef Aatul is currently at the helm of the stoves at St. Peter’s Health System in central New Jersey. An alumnus … Continue reading FOODSERVICE CONVERSATION #1


mind issues for consumers Are fired up peppers better than sautéed? Is fried brussels sprouts better than not eating sprouts at all? Is stevia equal to sugar in benefits? Is organic food better for you than conventionally produced food? Is fresh produce better than frozen? Are organic grapes better tasting than conventionally grown grapes? Pesticides residues: Are … Continue reading MIND ISSUES FOR CONSUMERS