For most people, an initial impression when entering a room will form the basis of their entire experience. When walking into a hotel, the lobby sets the tone. One out of every five guests (re: boutique and lodging surveys) say that their decision of coming back to the same hotel is influenced by the opportunity … Continue reading LOBBIES TAKE CENTER STAGE


I was thinking about these terms transparency, clarity and credibility. Does your consumers even know you or all your products? What do people think today about  certain organizations, company products or services? Do you even know what your own colleagues and peers perceive about you or products or services?  the value? the credibility? How about … Continue reading TRANSPARENCY


How do you define healthy to you? For your foodservice? Tips for you to help your customer. Give Choices- number and variety Small changes in recipes Tracking popularity mix of items Offer More offerings. Customized experiences Portion sizes smaller. Food Presentation. We eat with our eyes Vending machines. Put less healthy items in lower positioning … Continue reading UNHEALTHY FOODSERVICE? NOURISH YOUR FOODSERVICE!