When it comes to eating, selecting and producing of food always remember the seasonality of food is reflected of time and place its grown.

When we talk about local what does it mean? Does it mean the food comes from a certain region, certain radius from where it’s been served or produced, or it’s in the general area of a country (e.g. Nordic).

What about taste? Ingredient taste is related to place, environment, soil and weather too.

Do you consider this in your selection of products?

All of these help you develop and experiment to produce products, menu items that will delight yourself and your consumers.

Today many of us are explorers of the edible planet whether it’s through media, television, internet, in person and/or food conferences/shows. We are learning and relearning new products types, taste, production, and presentation. We learn about fusion and layering of flavors. We learn about options we never ever had. We learn more cultures, ethnic cuisine, and flavors

Food becomes who you are and how you feel whether you are the producer or the consumer.

Food initiatives, ideas, people; make up that perfect storm for the foodservice industry. You continue moving forward and will calm down to a normal roar. There’s growth in everything if you seek it out. there is opportunity to learn, to grow, to be expanded upon. There is real and rich opportunity in every storm, perfect or otherwise.





eye2sDo you have an employee that is a Debbie Downer or an eeyore? You know the type.  You ask them how they are, they state in a monotone, and drab voice, how could I be. So much work. So little time.

Are you frustrated? Looking to reach for pink slip as you think that will change the culture.  Not always the answer.

Transform your eeyore or Debbie downer into a corporate culture cheerleader.

Here are a few steps to help you change their work personal culture to a wow.  Maybe even getting someone to have a bounce in his or her step, work, and voice. The TIGGER attitude.

1.  Happiness is contagious and therefore a culture of kindness and happiness is contagious. Are you transmitting this feeling to others in your actions, in your verbal and non verbal communications.

2.  Pair people to work together. With collaboration, it can stimulate a change in someone’s attitude for better

3.  Show concern, compassion

4. Be focused on employees-mindful of their attitude change.

5. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Be in the moment. Engage

6. Feedback. Three positive statements for every negative one in order to feel safe. Feel the love.  Try tactic for improvement on their work abilities with kindness and reframe so they have a reference point that resonates with their background.

7. Engage in mindfulness training/coaching for your group-mediation, cleansing breathes, and more

It can pay off in reducing employee turnover later on, save labor $$ and help employees grow, and self discovery.

How have you changed  corporate culture killers in your organization? Share the story.




People want better flavors, want their palate pleasing tastes, pop flavors, and interesting experiences but you need a familiar. That is why worldwide this product constantly shows up, “pizza”.

I have traveled  and it never ceases to amaze me and sometimes disenchant me that pizza is on the menu.

But pizza is the familiar. Pizza crosses over all cultural, generational, and ethnic diversities. It’s what is done to the pizza;the added seasonings, toppings, thin or thick, varieties of cheeses, infusion of seasoning and fruits, vegetables, seeds, or nut products into dough recipes, and the cooking style that now is starting to amaze and delight my palate more than ever.The utilzation of the appropiate speed cooking solutions for the finished product you want to achieve with the fire element stimulates the senses to give a positive food experience.

Using a familiar product and enhancing it to make it the differential or to fill a niche or to make it a wow can escalate that product profile and sales. 

Tell me your food familiar experience. Send me your pizza pictures as you know a picture is worth a thousand words.