I was thinking about these terms transparency, clarity and credibility. Does your consumers even know you or all your products? What do people think today about  certain organizations, company products or services? Do you even know what your own colleagues and peers perceive about you or products or services?  the value? the credibility? How about … Continue reading TRANSPARENCY


Do you have an employee that is a Debbie Downer or an eeyore? You know the type.  You ask them how they are, they state in a monotone, and drab voice, how could I be. So much work. So little time. Are you frustrated? Looking to reach for pink slip as you think that will … Continue reading DEBBIE DOWNER IN YOUR MIDST


People want better flavors, want their palate pleasing tastes, pop flavors, and interesting experiences but you need a familiar. That is why worldwide this product constantly shows up, "pizza". I have traveled  and it never ceases to amaze me and sometimes disenchant me that pizza is on the menu. But pizza is the familiar. Pizza … Continue reading CREATIVITY AND THE FAMILIAR-FOOD 2016