We know planning and actions are required in the journey back to thriving in a new reality. Parts of the world that have already opened have given us a glimpse of our own future, including: no shared community food in break rooms; no more communal snacks; more scheduled meetings (to include people working from home); … Continue reading REENGAGING, REACTIVATING AND REIMAGINING FOOD AND BEVERAGE


Driving you crazy to build your brand! Here are some of my tips to use as a checklist to align yourself with driving your brand (organization, business or personal brand). But, before you can be successful on digital media platforms you need to: know your brand? What does your brand stand for? Who are your … Continue reading THREE RS OF MARKETING

2018 Trade Show Strategy

What's the point? If you think people will peruse and buy just from a show floor.  Think again 🙂 It's setting the mood buy - It's about having the right mix of products and the right people representing your brand at the booth. Booth needs to be interactive, engaging, solution oriented, digital, and more. Its … Continue reading 2018 Trade Show Strategy