Communication Tips

Are you clear ?



Conversations: Do you say what you mean? Transparency. If you need validation-make the statement and ask if this what you mean or want me to do?

Email: When you email make no assumptions, state the obvious, give the answers and if need be ask questions to clarify what is being asked of you.
Be concise, and be clear in verbiage. People come from different background, education, ages, experiences and by doing this you make the communication a value add to both parties.

Texts: short and concise for quick answers or comments

Digital Media: content driven from reliable sources, channels, live videos, and encourage peer engagement in market channels

Leaving Phone Messages: State what you can do for the person or in short why you are calling and then close with who you are and contact info.Cold calling has a strategy. If you need help give me a call ,so I can help your team target these emails and calls.

Simple, short and concise. Say what you mean tactfully. Know how to present to the audience you are communicating to at the moment. Ask the right questions for engagement.

I have found these tips to help and move momentum forward and are less likely to get lost in translation.







Did you know that?

Centennials-ages 0-9

Millennials – ages 20-37

The making of a generational mindset. Pivotal events during this age span reflects expectations of these cohorts.

Did you know that these are influencers of their purchases?

1. Value. Higher expectations is the standard in foodservice

2. Accessibility. Ease of to find food, restaurants, reviews, etc.

3. Betterment.  Looking for food and ideals wrapped around being mindful, holistic, wellness. Renewed focus in nutrition

4. Technology. It needs to be mobile, an app or smartphone/tablet integrated.

5. Convenience.   Easy simple to obtain. Bundling of value, options, food choice.

eg. zume pizza,  Amazon prime pantry

6. Experiences. Enrich daily life with pressures of modern living. They are interested in the customer experiences about the purchasing, the story about the company and products. Communal dining, entertainment. “Statement Food”-taste good, photo and Instagram worthy too.

Also remember options outside of box, have transparent communication and content in social media platforms, and if you are challenged ask and they may help you find solutions (they love to part of the story).