This being an official day of summer with reflection, bbqs, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables I decided to reprint a recent article I wrote about connecting to #farming and #foodservice. Enjoy! A bold foodservice goal should be to improve the health and well-being of communities by creating long term systematic changes. These changes will provide future generations … Continue reading CONNECTIONS TO MOTHER EARTH

2018 Trade Show Strategy

What's the point? If you think people will peruse and buy just from a show floor.  Think again 🙂 It's setting the mood buy - It's about having the right mix of products and the right people representing your brand at the booth. Booth needs to be interactive, engaging, solution oriented, digital, and more. Its … Continue reading 2018 Trade Show Strategy


Are you clear ?   Conversations: Do you say what you mean? Transparency. If you need validation-make the statement and ask if this what you mean or want me to do? Email: When you email make no assumptions, state the obvious, give the answers and if need be ask questions to clarify what is being … Continue reading COMMUNICATION TIPS