Look around .Who or what needs a disruption in your operation ? What aggravates or irritates your customer?

You need YOUR people to be —-

  • accountable set expectations
  • clarify the scope and focus
  • people need to exceed the actions not go through the motions
  • To be different you have to behave differentLY-change behaviors and adapt –
  • focus  attention on customer
  • intrapreneurial spirit-owner not renter in your company-check this out for more ideas .http://innovationexcellence.com/blog/2017/09/25/become-an-intrapreneur-at-work/

Great service is never by a department but by a person!
◦ Elevate  experiences
◦ Positive emotion and attitude
◦ Little things make a difference
◦ Out think rather than outspend-be creative in approach
◦ Give value

Reimagine the possibilities because no one wants to be devalued when they spend money.  Your brand loyalty depends upon it.





2 steps

What is a reasonable amount of time for a company or person to get back to you about a challenge? Is it within the hour, within the day,within the week,within the month? The lowest denomination is the winning amount.

An important part of service and customers’ perception of the business is based on how they do service recovery and power their people. As we have seen in the news lately, poor service and service recovery can put you back 10 steps in the eyes of the customer. It will take a long time to dig yourself out then doing the right thing on a consistent basis upfront.

Employee Empowerment should be included in your policy for services and service recovery. Make your employees’ owners not renters. They will feel accountable and morale will go up.

Other pointers to consider are consistency is paramont in your follow up, get out the positive testimonials, engage with social media and be transparent with all communication.

Move your needle forward to a positive customer experience.




To get a response from a doctor’s office recently I had to succumb to social media. I went through the regular channels, called their offices, called their support line, sent emails, and finally after much frustration and time I received no return of any calls.  Then who called me back were people who were inexperienced and attitude was below satisfactory and of course didn’t know how to handle the problem. I turned to the Internet and to a social media platform  and directed the comment privately to the doctor. Within 10 minutes  I received a satisfactory response and the  office manager who let information pass through her responded to the pressures from her boss.  Frustration  sets in so what is a consumer to do?  When frustration sets in it takes a lot more steps to make a customer happy again?

Does this sound like you experience with customer service? Is this what your customers are feeling? 

Why in this day and age, does it take a comment to social media to get a response via traditional ways of getting support? However, I have seem social media play a great role in service recovery and positive commentary in a timely framework. It seems that timeliness is the key with social media and I’m glad to see more and more  companies and organizations are paying attention to people’s remarks. good and bad and are responding appropriately.  Does your social media interaction process responsive, are you paying attention to the comments made about your products and services? Are you engaging interactively with your community and influencers?

Social media is not only about inward and outward bound marketing, content, etc.. it is about  interactive responses in a timely matter too.  Use it as your  two-way connection to your customer,to potential customers, to influencers, and even  to competitors, so pay attention before you lose your market share.


How have you used your social media to engage and keep happy customers? Explained product functionality? Product Warranty? Service Recovery? Benefits? testimonials?  Set up your platforms and social media strategies to address these initiatives to best serve your customers and ease up  inbound communications too.

Passionate about Foodservice,