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What do you do to maintain loyalty in your customer base?  Most service, product and equipment providers make the sale, keep in touch few months post sale with the customer and then the waiting begins for both customer and sales person.

How about a loyalty program?  Reminder programs to keep your customer base engaged with what you can offer in terms of services, education and partnership. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

How about:

  • offering educational webinars

  • offering webinars for different markets with solutions for challenges

  • forums for different levels of an operation for engagement and networking

  • sending out polls to ask questions that would allow you to either bring solutions whether it’s products and or programs for your customer base

  • points or incentives for your clients for trade show or conferences

Personalize initiatives that make you and your company memorable, reachable and trustworthy among industry peers.

Make 2018 a year your customer base will remember you! Always an opportunity for new opportunities by paying attention to the customers you already have done business with in the past.






2 steps

What is a reasonable amount of time for a company or person to get back to you about a challenge? Is it within the hour, within the day,within the week,within the month? The lowest denomination is the winning amount.

An important part of service and customers’ perception of the business is based on how they do service recovery and power their people. As we have seen in the news lately, poor service and service recovery can put you back 10 steps in the eyes of the customer. It will take a long time to dig yourself out then doing the right thing on a consistent basis upfront.

Employee Empowerment should be included in your policy for services and service recovery. Make your employees’ owners not renters. They will feel accountable and morale will go up.

Other pointers to consider are consistency is paramont in your follow up, get out the positive testimonials, engage with social media and be transparent with all communication.

Move your needle forward to a positive customer experience.




Is this like the dinosaur eggs, rare and valued when you find it ?
When it’s said to go beyond people’s expectations today, it’s because it at least enables your employees to meet the minimum of what your customers’ expect. Standards have changed and this is a challenge.

I have noticed many subtle changes. I notice a few days before I was to travel that my airline seat was missing from my document and anyone who knows me know I have a seat and check and recheck. I call the airlines to ask what happened,why now all the seats on the airline was booked, and why did I have to wait to check in at airport. I’m also a gold status on this airline. Quotes from a supervisor, “It happens sometimes”
Not we are sorry, let me check into it or no worries you will have a seat upon check in
No solution. Vagueness.  It’s not my problem philiosophy.

I have been at a world-famous amusement park recently and was at a reception. As I watched the service and interaction it was sad.
This park  trains their team on anticipating customer needs. YOU would think that when someone asks for a bottle of water someone wouldn’t shrug their head or  say we are out of it, but would say let me get it.

I’m sure as you read this you are reliving some of your own #negative customer experiences. I can go on and on. Is it this summer? Is it the age? Is it…?  Lately it’s not about making the customer feel special or exceed expectations,it’s about barely solving their issue or challenge and about checking it off their to do list.

Great customer experience starts with the sales and finishes with execution whether that be in terms of a service,  product(s) or an event.

Tips for getting there include inclusion tactics into your daily hub or weekly meetings
Your team needs to be:

  1. Trained to be solutions oriented
  2. Educate about being discreet and answer tactfully to a customer
  3. Empower them with this thought,Do one to others as you would want done to you(or its in a healthcare site-to a friend, family member, etc..)
  4. Training in not only product or service knowledge but industry knowledge and customer service and feeling. Stress this as part of  training, What do you want someone to feel when they purchase your service or product?

This last item is crucial as you can get up to finish line and never cross it.
Organizations have product training solution oriented sale training or service training. They review menus with staff and specials for the day etc but leave this crucial piece out until there is a customer challenge.  There are educational resources on the internet and through your trade associations.  I am a chief experience officer and can work with your teams too.


No matter what your background it or how product/service knowledgeable teams are this is the missing  link. You can’t blame it on age or cultural or gender.
It will cost you in terms of dollars , reputation, and loyalty.

Start Fresh this Fall, invest in positive customer centric training. The time and money put into this will pay off great dividends.


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