I have known Marsha for over 30 years. She has been at the forefront in the Healthcare Food Service industry, and has assisted many facilities in improving their operations. Marsha has a wealth of knowledge, and her expertise in Healthcare Food Service is unparalleled. Jill Wedeen, Assistant Director, Patient Service at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, NJ

Marsha is a dynamic and inspirational public speaker and is a wealth of information. She has a collaborative approach to presenting solutions and ideas for improvement, is a good listener and has a very approachable demeanor. Her spirit of cooperation was been evident when we worked together at a national industry conference. Marsha Diamond is easy to talk to and easy to learn from! John Herzog, National Sales Director at DM&A

It’s so satisfying when working with a consultant yields both new insights plus practical applications. I had the privilege of working with Marsha on a joint webinar for healthcare foodservice professionals. I was impressed by the amount of industry knowledge she has, a real understanding of the opportunities and challenges that are present, and her ability to offer actionable solutions. Marsha’s best traits are her commitment to follow through, relationship skills and dedication to bettering the foodservice industry. Marsha would be an asset to any organization looking to increase its knowledge, reach and impact. Tara Benyousky, Director, Product & Content Marketing at SharpSpring

It has been my pleasure to work with and alongside Marsha over many years. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience coving so many facets of the foodservice industry. She is a dynamic public speaker and excellent coach. She brings tremendous energy, innovation and enthusiasm to every project and organization. Anyone contracting with Marsha will be very happy you did.-Margaret Dittloff, Head of Product at Junum

Marsha Diamond is truly one of the bright lights of of industry. Her vision for where food service is headed and how we will get there is a breath of fresh air. She brings incredible passion to everything she does.  –Fred Klashman, Owner, Total Food Service

Marsha is my go-to resource for all things related to successful and meaningful engagement with foodservice and restaurant business. Her no-nonsense approach and recommendations allow you to move forward quickly and with the right tools to meet your desired outcomes. She is friendly, approachable and most of all, here to help. I highly recommend working with Marsha…you’ll be happy if you do.- Carol Berg Sloan, RDN, FAND,Food and Nutrition Consultant

At a critical time when our company was in need of North American marketing and industry intelligence, Marsha was able to immediately jump in with both feet to fill that gap. We were referred to Marsha Diamond Consulting ( ) by a trusted colleague and we are so grateful to find that the specialized skills and knowledge we needed to be available in one package. Marsha provided us with: sales coaching, identified potential opportunities, market advice, digital media strategy and execution, product analysis, product positioning, competitive product comparisons and set in place short term and long term market penetration strategies too. She was instrumental in helping us increase our US presence and also worked with our global web site developers on content and visuals.
Marsha helped to put us the US road map to success!-David Edwards, Managing Director – North America at Delegate Group

Marsha is a passionate, outstanding communicator, and a great leader. She has the opportunity to network/partner with a wide variety of businesses/contracts that provide a different perspective or way of thinking. Her in-depth knowledge of the industry coupled with this information creates an environment of innovative thinking and solutions. Her knowledge, experience, honesty/open communication make her a person who you can trust and value to help me have a successful foodservice operation. –Maura Doran, RDN, GM,  Unidine

I absolutely love working with Marsha. She’s such a forward thinking professional that delivers on what she promises. The times we get to spend together result in great brainstorming ideas and always leaves me energized believing we can accomplish great things.-Wade Koehler, CAE,Owner – Forte Association Management Company & Executive Director of FCSI the Americas

 Marsha’s knowledge, internal spirit, unbelievable drive for personal as well as business success is the best I’ve ever seen. Most of all, that positive attitude and desire to do good things for all who come in contact with you is magnetic and creates the desire in customers and prospects to work with you as they KNOW they will win. You are a very special and unique person and my life and business are enhanced from having known and worked with you-Dennis Bray, CEO, Trickster Wine & Damon Industries

Marsha was a presenter with Chef Michael Roddey at the New York ANFP Leadership and Culinary Conference on April 25, 2014. They spoke on the topic of how to nourish your foodservice operations via food, plates, and collaboration between the Chef and the Dietitian working together. Marsha discussed the Essence of mindfulness of eating and cooking .She was very informative and interactive with the participants. Marsha is a great presenter and always has an excellent relatable presentation.- Evelyn Conner, Director of Food & Nutrition Services at Buena Vida CC&RC, President NY-Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professional(ANFP)

On November 19th, I was called to work as State Inspectors were here and all supervisors were needed at work. I opened my email and there you were.  Your short message to of taking a few deep breaths could not have come at a more perfect moment. I remember your program, Mindfulness in Healthcare Business and the points you presented  on during that session. Throughout that long day when the state inspectors were in my facility and the following two days I found myself taking those deep breaths and living in the moment.  It was a calmness that would come over me during those moments and made dealing with stress so much easier.  Thank you for the presentation, email and reminders. I am grateful that I went to conference and heard you speak.- Ever grateful,  Beverly Jahn, Wagner Community Memorial Hospital- Avera

“I always find your seminars very interesting and you are so knowledgeable. Your super-charged approach to existing issues takes a big step forward in dealing with today’s professional challenges and environment.
Thank you. –Robin Ferretti, RD, Equipment Rep Specialist

Thank you for your presentation today, Retail Trends and Strategies for Healthcare Retail,- good tips on branding your cafe name. Will definitely reach out to manufacturers to place names on items such as sugar packets etc, Again much thanks for sharing your expertise.-Barry Schlossberg,Director, Food & Nutrition at Continuum Health Partners

I have heard Marsha Diamond speak on several occasions.  Her presentations on inter-generational working styles provided a turning point in my management style with a group of young entry-level dietitians.  I would highly recommend her.Janice Scott MS,RD,CSP,LD, Clinical Nutrition Manager,Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children

 “Marsha delivers a fantastic presentation. She has the background, knowledge, and skill set to be specific and on-point within our hospitality industry. Marsha is current and “keeps it real” for the audience to engage, learn and bring great ideas back to the work place. Marsha has a fun, light-hearted way about her and I highly recommend her services.” Gary Triolo, Corporate Director, Food and Nutrition Services, Centrastate Health System 

“I attended your presentation at the Capital Health Food and Nutrition Conference in Edmonton, Alberta a few years ago. The subject was employees of the different generations working together. It was powerful and is often referred to here in Alberta.”-Kathy Cuthbertson,Manager, Patient Food Services, Sw at Alberta Health Services

“Marsha is delightful–brilliant, business savvy and absolutely captivating. She came to a Nutrition Entrepreneurs meeting, shared her experiences with fellow nutrition entrepreneurs, and was incredibly inspirational. She brought so much terrific energy with her and everyone was just thriving off it–including me! I highly recommend Marsha.” Lyssie Lakatos, registered dietitian, owner, The Nutrition Twins

“I have attended many lectures and sessions presented by Marsha Diamond and were truly inspired by her wealth of knowledge and expertise. She is a tremendous speaker and always leaves you with great suggestions and insightful information” July 10, 2009 Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative”   – Phillip Andrews, hired Marsha as a IT Consultant in 2002, and hired Marsha more than once

“Marsha has the sales & marketing insights that flow naturally — while exploring a need or challenge she is always “on”. She’s a strategic thinker drawing from impressive experience to implement concepts. Her management, planning, execution and unique contributions really come through in professional association work where we’ve worked together for event presentations.” – Lauren Swann, MS, RD, LDN, Nutrition Communications, Food & Nutrition Labeling Consultant, Writer, Registered Dietitian, FoodFactsWork.

“I have the pleasure of working with Marsha in the area of business evelopment for our company, SentryLight, and truly enjoy working with her. I have a deep respect her acumen for business. I have found Marsha to be extremely effective at gaining us entree to people and organizations that I would not have anticipated. Her ability to manage details on the run is exceptional, and I would recommend her to anyone lucky enough to find her.” – Adam Lilien, CMO, SentryLight

“Marsha has an exceptional talent of creating a vision and bringing the people together to achieve it. She ran successful symposiums and virtual programs to add membership value, receiving excellent reviews. I look forward to working with Marsha, and highly recommend her.” – Kathy Gillen, President, Foodservice Coaching Group

Marsha has exceptional organizational skills to lead teams and individuals from concept to successful project completion. Her energy level is endless and she is engaging and motivating with every contact. I appreciate the fact that Marsha looks at the big picture long term goals with finances, membership, program content and development and is able to guide teams through the details. ” – Roseanne Diamond-De La Mata, Sales Director, Sodexho Health Care

“Your energy and enthusiasm never ceases to amaze me – You are great and it shows in your presentations. After hearing you speak, I applied your techniques and tools back at my organization and gained some performance efficiencies right away.” – 2004, Leslie Fisher, L.N.H.A, Director of Purchasing, Programs Expansion and Building Growth, Geri-Care, Inc., New York/New Jersey

“Whatever your topics – patient satisfaction, expanding your revenue opportunities, workplace balance – the audience always comes away wanting more. You are a presenter that is requested again and again as you have a practical way of getting the message across to the targeted audience.” –Susan McKay, MBA, CHE, Vice President, Nutrition and Food Services, Alberta Health Services, Edmonton, Canada

“Marsha is an incredibly dynamic speaker who captures and captivates an entire room. She always has a commanding presence but this quality especially resonated during her presentation as she discussed the veteran and baby boomer generations.  Marsha’s creativity, resourcefulness and attention to detail made her presentation a huge success. Colleagues still tell me how much they enjoyed this presentation, and were able to apply what they learned still today and this is 4+ years later.” – Jaime Schwartz MS, RD, Account Supervisor, Ketchum, NY.

“Marsha has the ability to adapt her presentations to fit the needs of the audience, and she can take complex ideas and concepts, and easily translate them for those in attendance.” – Julie Jones, Director, Nutrition Services, Ohio State University Medical Center, Ohio

“We hired Marsha to present on behalf of the Clinical Nutrition Management Practice Group. Marsha’s presentation was effective in getting the message across in a clear concise manner. It was humorous, entertaining and led others to make changes effectively.”  – Susan DeHoog, Associate Director-Food and Nutrition, University of Washington Medical Center, Past President of Clinical Nutrition Management Practice Group.

“At the Greater New Jersey Society for Healthcare Food Service Administrators on November 19, 2009, feature speaker Marsha Diamond educated the audience on thriving in these times through a variety of ideas and tools including communicating within your hospital and to your clients via social networking trends, branding your department, working with your suppliers, and leading your employees with a passion and by example.  Marsha’s interactive and engaging presentation provided visual examples of how to keep individuals informed of the ever-changing advances in technological networking, and how to adapt and thrive by focusing on the people, your resources and your customers.” – Melissa Sacco , Nutrition Manager, NY Presbyterian Hospital

To read more about Marsha and additional recommendations go to                                        LinkedIn @marshadiamond

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