The Diamond Approach can grow your hospitality and foodservice market shares and revenue, enhance customer loyalty and demand. #sales, #brand,&loyalty.opportunity identifier, #influencer #activefoodservice #food, #equipment #technology #culinarian #dietitian

Diamond is a foodservice bridge between food, technology & equipment manufacturers and vendors , and their customers.  #sales, #solutions #branding #non commercial operators #foodservice consultants #dietitians #hospitality. #owners.

During this age of Covid19, I continue to help bridge what the operator needs & work with companies that can fulfill those products and services.

Foodservice business consultancy working with small and large businesses, suppliers and manufacturers to enhance and accelerate their successes in the areas of sales, branding including digital media strategies, identifying sales opportunities, developing specific market directed marketing collateral, and enhancing the customer relationships. (management/retention with end user, consultants, c- suite).

Additional resources: project management, client relationship management, educational forum virtual events, blogger, digital media content writer, and trade show strategist.

Contact me to expand and grow your business – marsha@marshadiamond.com or 732.616-7220


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