To Vlog or not to Vlog?

Vlogging can help build rapport with your clients or patient’s. seeing video explanations and application of your own personal touch to your brand can help give new customers an insight to who you are and how your brand is represented. It lets people think they are actually getting to know you and builds a relationship … Continue reading To Vlog or not to Vlog?


As we look back on an astonishingly challenges year and the beginning of 2021, I reached out to some of my colleagues in the healthcare foodservice industry to get their perspectives. Many of them stated that the biggest issues as they move forward would be a persistent labor shortage, labor turnover, finding qualified candidates and … Continue reading 2021 HEALTHCARE INSIGHTS


Goodbye fear-hello cautionAmericans continue to adapt to new normal-hand sanitizers, masks, physical distancingStudies have shown that to consumers, restaurants cleanliness and food safety procedures will always matter more now more than it did before.    Spending money is tighter for consumers so pricing awareness became more prevalent. People feel prices are higher at grocery store than … Continue reading LESSONS OF A PANDEMIC