Look around .Who or what needs a disruption in your operation ? What aggravates or irritates your customer?

You need YOUR people to be —-

  • accountable set expectations
  • clarify the scope and focus
  • people need to exceed the actions not go through the motions
  • To be different you have to behave differentLY-change behaviors and adapt –
  • focus  attention on customer
  • intrapreneurial spirit-owner not renter in your company-check this out for more ideas .http://innovationexcellence.com/blog/2017/09/25/become-an-intrapreneur-at-work/

Great service is never by a department but by a person!
◦ Elevate  experiences
◦ Positive emotion and attitude
◦ Little things make a difference
◦ Out think rather than outspend-be creative in approach
◦ Give value

Reimagine the possibilities because no one wants to be devalued when they spend money.  Your brand loyalty depends upon it.



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