People need to know ‘your” brand. What does yours look like?  Is your brand consistent in the image in these aspects of your business?

  • email signature
  • company name
  • tag line
  • marketing materials
  • sales sheets
  • labels
  • signage
  • equipment
  • stationary
  • business cards
  • dress/uniform
  • office/department décor
  • tweets
  • blogs
  • Linkedin
  • face book

I have spoken about the importance of consistency in your brand but it is not about only the service and goods but about how it gets translated to your competitor, employees and your customers, your c-level bosses.  “If you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk”.

How have you gotten the message across?  It doesn’t stop at the logo or mission it needs to be transparent to all items/services connected to your company/organization.

Does your strategy, sales calls, all represent your talking logo?  Is your purpose/mission transparent in how you carry it out? Look around, is it time to rebrand or reposition how you are being perceived.

If you have been clear and transparent it says to the purchaser of your products and services that all aspects of our business and how we service you is relevant to doing great business.

Relaunch or launch your brand to position for continued growth and strong marketing value. The brand is how our customers and stakeholders think of us. This means YOU each contribute to your brand identity every day in your energetic work and unrelenting attention to what your customers need.

How you do start?

Look at the identity (see above all the identity pieces) is it reflective in look, wording, imaging, etc…

Take the time to ask around your company and outside your company. Listen to what people are saying. Act accordingly to these words.

Look at each aspect of your organization and asking the question is this reflected of What You Really do for a Living?

This purpose statement is not meant to be communicated to your clients, but rather  is meant to be the basis for all of your marketing and customer service activity. If what you do for a living can be translated to your tag line, mission statement, talking logo (brand) then you are consistent and off to a great start. Do everything on Purpose!”  “Celebrating your values in action IS your BRAND, YOU and each person, each action of anything anyone of us does… at all times”.

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