I know I am this time of year.  Holidays, meetings, work, holidays, meeting, dinners, networking events, holidays functions and so on. You get it. These times it seems our employees are a bit more distracted.

How do you refocus your employees? And yourself.

  • Here are some ideas that have worked.

1. Short directed meeting- I call them hub meeting. A stand around less than 10 minute meeting to highlight the days events, any changes from the pervious day, any challenges from the previous day, recognize any high achievers and a good quote or motivation for the day. If you can assign one of the team on a rotation and have one who will bring the quote of the day, it works well.

2. Remember during this hub only connect them to what is relevant for the short-term.

3. Engage their ideas and solutions for mishaps or customer/client dissatisfaction during these meeting.

Collaboration and empowerment go a long way in reengaging your team and motivating them to do more and better.

Reward them with a note, or email more frequently during these times. Don’t wait for the quarterly HR meetings.

Some cost-effective examples: three musketeers bar on their desk with a gift tag stating we couldn’t do it without you as part of our team or a $100,000 dollar chocolate bar –“your worth a million to our team or giving them a “Tigger” finger puppet saying you have the right positive attitude and energy for our team..

Use your imagination and make sure you write the words in a gift note attached. The words and the visual make the difference in that moment. It reminds them they are on the right path and focused on your customers/patients/students, …

Lastly, Laughter is good to rengage the group too. A visual  funny picture can go along way to depict what you want done or don’t want done depending on the picture.

I find doing these kinds of things allows me to recharge myself as there tends to be a positive energy that resonates from these gestures.

What do you do to engage your employees during these times?



Thanks for helping during crunchtime. It was appreciated.

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